You can easily install FreeFlix HQ on your MacBook or iMac and this is how it will look





1. First You will need to install Bluestacks.Go to and Download the Bluestacks Software for Mac. This App simply allows you to run any Android Apps on MacOS

2. Find the BlueStacks.dmg (disk image) file and double-click it to begin the install. Follow the instructions to install and start the app

3. Now Download the FreeFlix HQ APK from Here or use the link on top on this page The normal APK for Smartphones will not work on Bluetsacks so make sure you download the x86 version. Simply check the downloaded file and make sure the name ends with x86

4. Now this is where things will be a little bit more complicated but don't worry, this is the last step

* Open the terminal and type the following command(simply copy and paste without the quote and replace "xxx"" with the full path to the Directory where you downloaded the APK plus the file name:
"/Applications/ install xxx"
On my Mac the full path to my "Downloads"" folder is: "/Users/myname/Downloads/" and if I assume the Apk file name is: "freeflix_hq_v1_2_1_x86_.apk", then my full command will look like this:
"/Applications/ install /Users/myname/Downloads/freeflix_hq__x86.apk"
-After running the command the App will be installed in about 30 seconds and You should get a notification from the Bluestacks App that freeflix hq was installed
-Open BlueStacks and You should see the FREEFLIXHQ logo in your App list. Simply open and enjoy.

If you're' having trouble installing the Apk, simply search on the web for tutorials on how to install an APK on Bluestack for Mac. And if you have a Windows Laptop You can follow this Guide to install on your Windows Laptop